Current RosterEdit

Since the inception of the NCAA Football Series, no actual players have been named in the games (in accordance with NCAA regulations). Instead, players are represented by their numbers. In the more recent editions of the game, users can custom edit teams to include the name of each player.

Below is a list of the current Missouri roster, by number, to be used as a reference for NCAA Football 12.

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Name Pos. Yr. Exp. Ht./Wt. Hometown (last school)
1 Kip Edwards DB Jr. 1V 6-1/195 Arlington, TX (Bowie HS)
1 James Franklin QB So. HS 6-2/225 Corinth, TX (Lake Dallas HS)
2 L'Damian Washington WR So. RS 6-4/185 Shreveport, LA (Green Oaks HS)
3 Jacquies Smith DE Sr. 2V 6-4/255 Dallas, TX (South Oak Cliff HS)
3 Gahn McGaffie WR Jr. RS 5-10/190 Galena Park, TX (Galena Park HS)
4 Kendial Lawrence TB Jr. 1V 5-9/190 Rockwall, TX (Rockwall Heath HS)
4 Daniel Easterly DB Fr. RS 6-4/190 Detroit, MI (Cass Tech HS)
5 Rolandis Woodland WR Jr. 1V 6-3/200 St. Louis, MO (Lutheran North HS)
7 Kortland Webb QB Fr. HS 5-10/160 St. Louis, MO (Ladue HS)
7 Randy Ponder CB Jr. RS 5-10/195 Edmond, OK (Santa Fe HS)
8 Wes Kemp WR Sr. 2V 6-4/220 St. Louis, MO (DeSmet Jesuit HS)
9 Kerwin Stricker WR So. RS 6-2/205 Washington, MO (Washington HS)
9 Braylon Webb DB Fr. RS 6-0/200 Gilmer, TX (Gilmer HS)
11 Ian Simon DB Fr. HS 5-11/185 Mansfield, TX (Legacy HS)
12 Darvin Ruise LB Fr. RS 6-2/225 Glen St. Mary, FL (Baker County HS)
12 Jimmy Costello QB Sr. 1V 6-3/220 Liberty, MO (Liberty HS)
13 Corbin Berkstresser QB Fr. HS 6-3/220 Lee's Summit, MO (Lee's Summit HS)
13 Kenji Jackson DB Sr. 2V 5-11/185 Mansfield, TX (Mansfield HS)
14 Jaleel Clark WR So. RS 6-5/210 Allentown, PA (Parkland)
15 Donovan Bonner LB So. 1V 6-2/235 Dallas, TX (Lincoln)
15 Cortland Browning DB Fr. HS 6-2/195 Tyler, MO (Lee HS)
16 Brandon Gerau WR Sr. 1V 6-0/185 Columbia, MO (Rock Bridge)
16 Ashton Glaser QB So. RS 6-0/205 Springdale, AR (Springdale HS)
17 Matt White S So. RS 6-0/190 Keller, TX (Keller HS)
18 Wesley Leftwich WR Fr. HS 6-2/195 Columbia, MO (Hickman HS)
19 David Johnson DB Fr. HS 6-0/185 Spring, MO (Spring HS)
20 Henry Josey RB So. 1V 5-10/190 Angleton, TX (Angleton HS)
21 Trey Hobson DB Sr. 2V 5-11/185 Stanley, KS (Blue Valley HS)
21 Bud Sasser WR Fr. RS 6-3/205 Denton, TX (Ryan HS)
22 Joe Plevel LB Jr. HS 6-0/205 St. Louis, MO (Holt HS)
22 Robert Steeples DB Jr. 1V 6-1/190 St. Louis, MO (DeSmet Jesuit HS)
24 Greg White RB Fr. RS 6-1/215 DeQueen, AR (DeQueen HS)
25 Zaviar Gooden LB Jr. 1V 6-2/230 Pflugerville, TX (Pflugerville HS)
26 De'Vion Moore RB Sr. 2V 5-9/195 St. Louis, MO (Hazelwood Central HS)
26 Xavier Smith DB Fr. RS 5-11/185 Edmond, OK (North HS)
28 Earnest Payton DB Fr. HS 6-3/200 College Station, MO (A&M Consolidated HS)
28 T.J. Moe WR Jr. 1V 6-0/195 O'Fallon, MO (Fort Zumwalt West HS)
29 Jerrell Jackson WR Sr. 2V 6-1/185 Houston, TX (Jefferson Davis)
30 Kenronte Walker S Jr. JC 6-0/205 Fayetteville, NC (Westover HS)
31 E.J. Gaines DB So. HS 5-10/185 Independence, MO (Fort Osage HS)
32 Will Ebner LB Sr. 2V 6-1/230 Friendswood, TX (Friendswood HS)
33 Luke Lambert LB Sr. 3V 6-3/230 Brookfield, MO (Brookfield HS)
34 Tony Randolph S So. 2V 5-11/220 Kansas City, MO ()
34 Sheldon Richardson DL Jr. JC 6-4/290 St. Louis, MO (Gateway Tech HS)
36 Jared Parham LB Fr. RS 6-2/230 Coppell, TX (Coppell HS)
38 Jared Culver RB Jr. RS 5-11/250 Downers Grove, IL (Downers Grove South HS)
38 Kentrell Brothers LB Fr. HS 6-1/230 Guthrie, OK (Guthrie HS)
39 Brandon Durant LB Fr. HS 6-0/195 Copperas Cove, TX (Copperas Cove HS)
40 Clarence Green LB Fr. HS 6-0/205 Clute, MO (Brazoswood HS)
43 Marcus Murphy RB So. 1V 5-9/185 DeSoto, TX (DeSoto HS)
45 Tyler Davis S So. RS 6-1/195 Eldon, MO (School of the Osage)
47 Kony Ealy DE Fr. RS 6-5/250 New Madrid, MO (New Madrid County Central HS)
48 Andrew Wilson LB So. RS 6-3/230 Peculiar, MO (Raymore-Peculiar HS)
51 Stephen Carberry OL Fr. RS 6-4/295 Belleville, IL (Mascoutah HS)
52 Michael Sam DE So. RS 6-3/255 Hitchcock, TX (Hitchcock HS)
53 Travis Ruth OL Jr. 1V 6-3/295 Jefferson City, MO (Jefferson City HS)
54 Michael Brennan LB Fr. RS 6-2/220 Clark, MO (Clark County HS)
55 Brayden Burnett DE So. RS 6-3/245 Southlake, TX (Southlake Carroll)
56 Robert Luce OL Fr. RS 6-2/290 Dallas, TX (Dallas Episcopal HS)
56 Shane Ray DE Fr. HS 6-3/225 Shawnee Mission, MO (Bishop Miege HS)
57 Brad Madison DE Jr. 1V 6-4/265 Bethany, MO (South Harrison HS)
58 Brendan Donaldson DL Sr. 1V 6-2/285 St. Joseph, MO (St. Joseph Central HS)
59 Kyle Starke OL Fr. HS 6-4/300 Liberty, MO (Liberty HS)
60 Taylor Chappell OL Fr. HS 6-6/290 Canadian, TX (Canadian HS)
60 Connor McGovern OL Fr. HS 6-4/285 Fargo, ND (Shanley HS)
61 Max Copeland OL So. HS 6-3/270 Billings, MT (West HS)
63 Brad McNulty OL Fr. HS 6-3/295 Allen, TX (Allen HS)
64 Keric Lickerman DL Fr. HS 6-5/235 Wildwood, MO (Lafayette HS)
65 Mitch Morse OL Fr. RS 6-6/290 Austin, TX (St. Michael's Academy HS)
66 Austin Wuebbels OL Sr. 2V 6-4/295 Troy, IL (Triad HS)
67 Michael Boddie OT Fr. HS 6-6/285 Gilmer, TX (Gilmer HS)
68 Justin Britt OL So. RS 6-5/295 Lebanon, MO (Lebanon HS)
70 Anthony Gatti OL Fr. RS 6-6/295 St. Louis, MO (Parkway North HS)
70 Marvin Norman OL Sr. RS 6-2/265 Steger, MO (East)
71 Jayson Palmgren OL Sr. 2V 6-2/305 Kansas City, MO (North Kansas City HS)
72 Elvis Fisher OL Sr. 2V 6-5/295 St. Petersburg, FL (Catholic HS)
73 Mark Hill OL So. RS 6-6/290 Branson, MO (Branson HS)
74 Chris Freeman OL Fr. RS 6-8/325 Trotwood, OH (Madison)
75 Jack Meiners OL Jr. 1V 6-6/305 St. Louis, MO (Chaminade HS)
76 Quinn Brown OL Sr. HS 6-3/275 Braymer, MO (Braymer HS)
77 Dan Hoch OL Sr. 2V 6-7/320 Harlan, IA (Harlan HS)
78 Nick Demien OL Fr. RS 6-6/295 Wentzville, MO (Timberland HS)
79 John Birdwell OL Jr. RS 6-6/270 La Monte, MO (Green Ridge HS)
80 Terry Dennis WR Sr. SQ 6-3/200 Peculiar, MO (Ray-Pec)
81 Eric Waters TE So. 1V 6-4/230 Mansfield, TX (Summit HS)
82 Michael Egnew TE Sr. 2V 6-6/245 Plano, TX (Plainview HS)
84 Stephen Drain TE Jr. TR 6-4/245 Crystal Lake, MO (Prairie Ridge HS)
85 Marcus Lucas WR So. 1V 6-5/205 Liberty, MO (Liberty HS)
85 Derrion Thomas DE Fr. RS 6-4/225 Blue Springs, MO (Blue Springs South HS)
86 Beau Brinkley TE Sr. 2V 6-5/225 Kearney, MO (Kearney HS)
87 Andrew Jones TE Sr. 2V 6-5/255 Smithville, MO (Smithville HS)
88 Jimmie Hunt WR Fr. RS 6-1/200 Cahokia, IL (Cahokia HS)
89 Matt Hoch DE Fr. RS 6-5/260 Harlan, IA (Harlan HS)
90 Dominique Hamilton DL Sr. 2V 6-5/305 El Paso, TX (Chapin HS)
91 Jimmy Burge DL Jr. 1V 6-2/290 Houston, TX (Stratford HS)
92 Christian Brinser P Fr. RS 6-0/180 Liberty, MO (Liberty HS)
93 Corey Sudhoff DL Sr. RS 6-0/265 Blue Springs, MO (Blue Springs South HS)
93 Terrell Resonno DL Sr. 2V 6-5/295 Jefferson City, MO (Jefferson City HS)
94 Marvin Foster DT So. RS 6-2/290 Fort Worth, TX (North Crowley)
95 Grant Ressel K Sr. 1V 6-2/190 Jackson, MO (Jackson)
96 Lucas Vincent DT Fr. RS 6-3/295 Olathe, KS (Olathe North HS)
97 Trey Barrow P Jr. RS 6-1/195 Moberly, MO (Moberly)
99 Andrew Baggett K Fr. HS 6-1/200 Lee's Summit, MO (Lee's Summit North HS)
99 George White DL Jr. RS 6-4/285 Flint, MI (Carman-Ainsworth HS)